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Data Backup for the Unexpected

Increasing demands in the business world prove the need for more employees to be traveling and working outside of the office. These employees would no doubt be working with laptops or other mobile devices.

What if a laptop is stolen and that data has not been backed up since it was not included with the in house tape or disk backup? With inBlue Online Backup, the user can immediately recover any lost files from anywhere in the world, as long as they have their unique pass phrase.

Traditional backup methods can be effective when handled correctly, but are seldom perfectly maintained, leaving much room for a dramatic loss to a company, should disaster strike.

Offsite date backup can eliminate wasted time, costs, and worry over the safety of data that can occur with traditional methods. File restoration is simple and fast, there are no tapes to search for and no worry of a missing or corrupted tape.

How does inBlue Online Backup work?

inBlue Online Backup installs a small client software application on the local computer to manage all of the data protection and restoration.

After the data you want to protect is defined, inBlue Online Backup encrypts (256-bit Symmetric) and compresses the data and then transfers a copy to two different secure locations for storage.
Configuration of inBlue Online Backup is simple and takes very little time to complete. After the initial set up is complete, backups are automatic, notifications are only sent if there is an error or an incomplete backup.

File Restoration

If you were to suddenly lose all of your data, what is an acceptable time frame for recovery? One day? Two days? With inBlue Online Backup you can be back online with all of your files restored faster and more effectively than with any other form of backup. Usually in much less than 24 hours.

inBlue Online Backup has all the capabilities to restore valuable data when and where it is needed, with little effort and only a few mouse clicks. Data can be restored from any PC or laptop with the user pass phrase, as long as an internet connection can be made.

Simply launch the Online Backup Restore Wizard and follow the simple instructions. Data is restored in minutes so you can get back to work with minimal interruptions. Simple. Safe. Secure.

Benefits with inBlue Online Backup

  • Security that your data is safe and secure
  • Anytime, anywhere access to saved files
  • User only password access to files
  • No hardware to fail or maintain
  • No maintenance involved, backups are automatic

inBlue Online Backup Features

  • Fast, easy installation, under 30 minutes
  • Flexible control over versioning
  • Data copied to multiple secure sites
  • Backup unlimited data from anywhere
  • Data compressed and encrypted before transfer to ensure security
inBlue Online Backup is a simple, safe, and secure backup that does not involve any media to be lost, damaged, or that has the opportunity to fail. There is no required transportation of backup media to a remote storage facility as with traditional forms of backup. Rest easy knowing that offsite data backup with inBlue Online Backup will be there when you need it.

The Difference

Information Technology is a broad field served by individuals and organizations with a wide range of skills. inBlue Technologies Inc. is different from other IT providers in several important ways. How does this impact you?

  • inBlue Technologies has been in business since 1998. You benefit from long-term industry relationships and from knowing that inBlue is here when you need us.
  • inBlue Technologies has industry certified and factory authorized engineers and technicians. You benefit from the continuous training and certified expertise of our entire team on every project, no matter how large or small.
  • inBlue Technologies specializes in remote access, email management, printing solutions and customized network infrastructure design. You benefit through increased productivity, reduced costs and improved security.


inBlue Technologies is confidant that you will be more than pleased with the value of inBlue Online Backup—we would like to invite you to try our product for 30 days, FREE OF CHARGE.

inBlue Technologies offers competitive pricing for our inBlue Online Backup service. For pricing information please contact inBlue Technologies at (815) 600-7725 or via email at