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Complete IT Solutions

First, we listen. We ask you questions. We want to know your needs, your goals, your plans. Our goal is a simple one – to help you succeed in your business. We’ll keep your technology that supports your day-to-day operations running smoothly.

We specialize in:

• Removing potential obstacles and problems before they cause loss of business or lost productivity.
• Creating a partnership with you to listen and develop an understanding of what is important to make your business succeed. We then recommend the right technology solution to solve your business needs.
• Giving you the best services possible by hiring well seasoned computer and network consultants and by keeping them well trained in the current technologies.

Specifically, we can help you with

• On-site support and troubleshooting of your network and computers
• Avoiding problems by conducting preventative maintenance
• Helping your business grow by developing a custom technology strategy
• Locating the best products at the best price
• Designing and developing your LAN or WANs

Want to discuss any of these services? We would love to help. Call us at (815) 600-7725.

Emergency Services

Have a technology crisis? Just call us at (815) 600-7725 and describe your computer or network problem. We’ll be there, with the right solutions and at a reasonable rate.

• Troubleshooting on network issues, including all Microsoft, Novell, Apple and Linux-based operating systems
• Troubleshooting on most popular office applications
• Hardware and software installation – and the information you need to get started immediately

On-Site Support

We all know what it feels like when your computer just isn't cooperating and you want to take it out back and shoot it. Before you do, call us at (815) 600-7725 and describe what you need fixed. We’ll either handle it on the phone right then or we’ll come to your office to provide the right solutions and at a reasonable rate.

We can help with:

• Troubleshooting on network issues, including all Microsoft, Novell, Apple and Linux-based operating systems
• Troubleshooting on most popular office applications
• Network security
• Virus and Spyware removal
• Hardware and software installation

Call us at (815) 600-7725 for any kind of on-site support.

Preventive Maintenance

A computer is a piece of machinery. Like any equipment, it must be maintained to run reliably, securely and safely month after month. The only way to accomplish this is to have a professional assess its effectiveness and efficiency, make timely upgrades and complete routine maintenance. The alternatives to proper system and network maintenance are costly downtimes and security risks.

To help your business run smoothly, our Preventive Maintenance includes:

• Review and testing of your data backups
• Review of your firewall security
• Review and testing of your virus protection
• Review of adequate disk space and usage
• Review of critical event logs
• Installation of Windows critical updates
• A complete report showing the results of all reviews

If you want to get into ‘Maintenance Mode’ and avoid being in ‘Reaction Mode,’ call us at (815) 600-7725.

Technology Strategy

If you’re the leader in your industry, you need to stay the leader. If you’re not, you need to get there. Technology can make the difference. But since it changes so rapidly, how do you work smarter and faster to meet customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition?

The key? Develop and implement a technology strategy that meets your current needs while positioning your company for future growth. inBlue Technologies combines our experience with current technology to develop a strategy tailored strictly to your business.

If you’re considering how your company should deal with its current and future technology needs and you want to have a plan rather than a series of emergencies, call us at (815) 600-7725.

Network Design & Troubleshooting (LAN & WAN)

As your business grows, so does your need to make sure your staff stays connected. Local and remote access to your data and E-mail are paramount so that your staff can easily and securely share information. inBlue Technologies will assess your connectivity requirements and develop a plan to provide efficient and secure networking of your systems.

Faulty networks often cause slow responses, data corruption and security leaks that result in serious business interruptions, lost opportunities and costly repairs. If your network has been neglected and you often experience slow response or connection problems, then call us now at (815) 600-7725. We will identify and resolve the source of those problems, helping you and your staff be more productive and more profitable.

Purchase Recommendations

When deciding what hardware and software to purchase, business owners often ask sales reps what they think is needed. It is no surprise that the answer is usually the product the sales rep sells. inBlue Technologies recommends a different approach. . . an unbiased one. inBlue Technologies does not sell computer hardware and software. This allows us to recommend what is best for your situation instead of recommending what we want to sell.

We analyze the immediate and long-range hardware and software needs of your business. We then arrange for the purchase to be made directly from the supplier to you. This is a unique approach that can save you money and insures that you buy only what you need and nothing more. Since the professionals at inBlue Technologies take the time to understand your technology requirements, and we’re not trying to sell you bells and whistles you don’t need, you’ll buy what is necessary for today and will continue to work for you tomorrow.

If you would like help deciding how to best prepare your infrastructure for the future, call us at (815) 600-7725

Network Security & Virus Protection

Whether it be identity theft, a teenage hacker just trying to cause problems or a competitor wanting to steal customers, your network and data need to be secure. inBlue Technologies understands the importance of network security. We also know how to get and keep your data secure at very affordable prices.

Virus protection is another way that your business is constantly under attack from all directions including web browsing, E-mail attachments and CDs. inBlue Technologies can provide a complete virus solution that is constantly on watch for viruses.

Remote RX

Click here to enter a remote session.

When you encounter a computer issue there are really only two things that matter.
Number 1: Get it fixed quickly so you can get back to your work
Number 2: Get it fixed at the least cost possible

To meet these important needs, we now offer Remote Rx whereby you can grant us remote access your computer. We can diagnose the problem and resolve issues without the delay and added costs of an on-site visit. Establishing a Remote Rx session is very easy and secure. It also includes diagnostic tools that aid in quickly assessing and resolving problems. At the conclusion of a Remote Rx session you are offered an opportunity to provide some feedback as to your satisfaction of services we provided in that Remote Rx session.

No need to be concerned about security with Remote Rx. Access to Remote Rx is controlled by you with a unique PIN and explicit permission from you directly to our support specialist. Also, Remote Rx is 128 bit encrypted to keep the session secure.

Remote Rx is a time and money saving service. However, depending on the issue being resolved, an on-site visit may still be necessary. If, after an initial diagnosis using Remote Rx, it is determined that the problem can best be solved with an on-site visit, inBlue Technologies is prepared, just as we always have been, to come to your office and resolve the issue.